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Powering the Next Generation of Hospital Patient Services 

POWER UP™ Charging Towers enable patients and visitors to stay connected in moments that matter most 


The company is one of the leading hospitals in the world and is dedicated to improving the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in patient care. The hospital serves more than 700,000 patients and visitors annually. 


Always on the lookout for ways to raise the standards of patient care, the staff of an internationally-recognized top hospital noticed that when unexpected visits occurred, specifically in the Labor and Delivery Suite, patients often came in without their cell phone chargers and were left without a way to charge their phones. As a result, the hospital sought a technology provider that would help keep patients and their families vendors connected to those who matter most throughout their time at the hospital. 


POWER UP™ (a Barcoding, Inc. Company), the industry's premium charging technology company, was brought in to work with the hospital’s internal architectural and design team to develop a charging tower that met both its needs and delivered the power needed to keep visitors connected. 

Made from hypo-allergenic, medical-grade stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean, POWER UP Charging Towers are convenient and compact in order to keep visitors connected without impeding the flow of high traffic areas. The tower can power up to 16 phones, tablets or other devices with six light-up charging cables, three standard electric and six USB ports. The cables are illuminated with a red LED light while charging a device and a green LED when fully charged or disconnected, making it a simple, yet powerful solution. 


The hospital initially piloted the Charging Towers in its Labor and Delivery Suite. Based on the success of the units with its patients and visitors, the hospital decided to install them in its family lounges, emergency department and other public family areas. The positive responses to the Charging Towers led the hospital’s parent company to select POWER UP as the approved charging station vendor for all of its properties along the East coast. 

Looking forward, POWER UP is working with the hospital’s Food Services Team on possibly installing POWER UP Charging Lockers in the hospital’s cafeterias. POWER UP Charging Lockers provide a secure way for customers to charge their devices: 12 lockers charge up to 24 phones or other small devices. 


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