Personal Protection Equipment 

        PPE Products 


 *registered with FDA and meets all FDA and CDC guidelines 

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Maintaining the health & safety of your company

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1.Users approach the unit like any other waste receptacle, depositing items on either side.

1.TrashBot’s robotic top door closes on the side chosen, as the item enters the sensing chamber.

1.The item is identified by our A.I. based on appearance and weight, then data is collected for analytics.

1.Robotic components direct the item into the appropriate bin based on the localized stream configuration. When the bin is full, custodians open the cabinet below, and empty the stream specific bins. 

Face Mask Dispenser

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Temperature Scanning Kiosk

●Utilizes advanced thermal detection technology to quickly scan internal body temperatures. 

●Can quickly identify potential safety threats and help mitigate large-scale exposure. 

●Features include:
○ .5°C Accuracy
○Non-Touch Scanning
○Network Capabilities
○3rd Party Integration Options
○Toggle Capability for Facial Recognition Features
○Optional Card Reader Features
○Wall, Table & Podium Mounting Options

Free-Standing Sanitizing Gel Dispenser

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