Most Effective Technology


Designed for natural hand movements

Improves focus on medical tasks, disinfecting your hands on the go

Intuitive hand sanitization movement helps increase compliance rates

The ORBEL™ unit sanitizes hand areas linked to cross-contamination

Immediate accessibility is the strongest path to compliance

ORBEL™ compliance is simple, easy and cost-effective

Pleasant fragrance

Recyclable & eco-friendly

Orbel Hand Sanitizier Roller

Supports compliance with the WHO’s 5 Moments Protocols

A single-handed swipe and you’re set!

Orbel® wearable hand sanitizer delivers a premium 72% ethyl alcohol gel sanitizer through a patented roller-ball system. Enhanced with a pleasant fragrance and anti-drying agents, Orbel effectively kills 99.9% of germs while making hand hygiene simple and easy.