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How The Coronavirus Is Transmitted

What Is Covid-19?

COVID-19COVID-19 is the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that emerged in December 2019.COVID-19 can be severe, and has caused millions of deaths around the world as well as lasting health problems in some who have survived the illness.The coronavirus can be spread from person to person. It is diagnosed with a laboratory test.COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and vaccination programs are in progress across the U.S. and in many parts of the world.Prevention involves physical distancing, mask-wearing, hand hygiene and staying away from others if you feel sick.

How Is It Transmitted?

spread through droplets and virus particles released into the air when an infected person breathes, talks, laughs, sings, coughs or sneezes. Larger droplets may fall to the ground in a few seconds, but tiny infectious particles can linger in the air and accumulate in indoor places, especially where many people are gathered and there is poor ventilation. This is why mask-wearing, hand hygiene and physical distancing are essential to preventing COVID-19.

How masks and our Digital Temperature Scanners
help reduce spread of COVID 19.

How Masks Help

• Slows & Reduces Germ Particles In The Air

•Helps Both The Wearer & Public

•Kiosks Make Them Touch-less For Your Clients & Employees

How Temperature Scanners Help

•Allows immediate notification of infection


*multi-Use Without contamination